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We are all so very proud of you. Words cannot do justice to how overjoyed we all are. You are truly deserving of this award. Every award you receive, every nomination, every recommendation and consideration you are given is well earned. We cannot wait to see everything you have in store for us in the future and it is a privilege to watch your star rise.

Congrtulations, Benedict. You deserve this.

All our love,

Your Cumbercollective

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Benedict Cumberbatch from his #ALSicebucketchallenge for #MND

Information about ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) here & MND (Motor Neurone Disease) here

And where you can donate: here,  here, and here

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Benedict Cumberbatch take the ice bucket challenge… 5 times x

The Napoleon of Ice Bucket?

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I miss John Harrison.

I miss him too

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